Internationally renowned photographer Nathan Coe has long been fascinated by the human form. Whilst studying for his degree in Photography and Media back in 2001, Nathan fell in love with Jeanloup Sieff’s work. Sieff's black and white nudes were ahead of their time, different, gorgeous, erotic and yet classically elegant.

Nathan counts Sieff's, Helmut Newton's and Peter Beard's work as some of his greatest inspiration. As all were able to showcase an amazing ability to see and capture the richness in the curves and shadows of the human form. Nathan's nude collections artfully reflect his own passion for photography and how he is able to captures the true essence of a subject. 




42 X 56 inches - Edition of 10 - $8,500

30 X 40 inches - Edition of 10 - $4,000

18 X 24 inches - Edition of 10 - $2,400


Nude Collection