Introducing Nantucket by Nathan Coe. This XL format coffee table book encompasses a range of Nathan Coe's photography over the past decade including works from his double exposure, aerial, landscape and nude series. The initial art edition book is limited to 45 copies and includes a signed print.

XL Format: 13.5 x 18 in.

Foreword by Mary Haft

Limited Art Edition No. 1-45, each signed by Nathan Coe. Plus 15 Artist’s Proofs. 

Each book comes in a presentation box and includes a limited edition signed print framed in 1/2 inch polished acrylic. 

Copies 1-15 Lay Low (2017) 

Copies 16-30 Cisco (2017)

Copies 31-45 Supermoon Rising (2017)


Forward by Mary Haft

What is it about this tiny spit of land, its curves contoured by the currents, cast thirty miles out to sea? Nantucket is anchored to centuries of history, tethered to dreams, visions, hopes. It is the sea that draws us, that elemental force that awakens our souls, and yet it is the land, its people, the community, an ineffable spirit, that keeps us. This is an island that beguiles; once in its grip, just might hold you forever...



"Before I became a spy novelist, I was on the creative side of the advertising business, retiring as Chairman and Worldwide Creative Director of Young & Rubicam. My first love was print media. The graphics, photography, typography, art direction, and, most importantly the ideas. I discovered Mr. Coe over a decade ago. I'm a lifelong visitor to Nantucket and love the visual magic of the island. But it was not until I saw the work of Nathan Coe in Nantucket Magazine that I felt that here, finally, was a talent worthy of his subject. Like no one before, or after him, Nathan has managed to create a body of work that embodies and embraces one of the most majestically and surreally beautiful places on the planet. I congratulate him on the publication of this celebration of his work." 

Ted Bell, New York Times best selling novelist

Lay Low by Nathan Coe

Lay Low | Copies 1 - 15

Limited Edition Archival Print Framed in Sandwiched Acrylic


Cisco by Nathan Coe

Cisco | Copies 16 - 30

Limited Edition Archival Print Framed in Sandwiched Acrylic



Supermoon Rising by Nathan Coe

SuperMoon Rising | Copies 31 - 45

Limited Edition Archival Print Framed in Sandwiched Acrylic




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