Internationally renowned photographer Nathan Coe had long been shooting the beautiful Nantucket landscapes and yearned for something more, a different way to tell the story of this beautiful island. Thus, the Nantucket Double Exposure Series was born.

Nathan was awakened to another story of the landscapes he had long been shooting when flying in a friend's eight passenger plane over Nantucket and seeing how the curves of Nantucket's shores resembled that of a woman's body. Seeing for the first time the femininity in her coastlines Nathan began to overlay contrasting photos of the female form to create one-of-a-kind ethereal images.

Then on a trip to New York City, Nathan was inspired again. He married the soft nature of the female to the industrial nature of New York City to create another inspirational series of Double Exposures which he hopes to work on over the coming years.  

Nathan's passion for traditional techniques inspires him to shoot his Double Exposures with the end image in mind. Nathan shoots the two images needed to bring his vision to life precisely and then overlays them without cropping or manipulating them except with dodging and burning the exposure. This allows him to keep as much resolution as possible and to keep the process as organic as possible while creating each Double Exposure.





Nantucket Double Exposures


New York City