Mindfully present, Nathan Coe brings a unique editorial and fashion style approach to his imagery, interpreting each wedding's essence with acute skill and candor.

Nathan understands each couple’s needs are unique and takes the time to get to know every Bride & Groom to be sure he is able to capture what makes their love so special. As a result Nathan only books 4 Weddings per calendar year to ensure he is able to give his full time and attention to each couple.

Brides and Grooms love his work for both his fashion aesthetic and Nathan’s ability to narrate their story through thoughtful images showcasing the natural beauty and emotion of their special day.

Nathan’s editorial approach is unique to the moment, the people and the place. Creating an individualized experience for each wedding that allows Brides and Grooms to relive these special moments for a lifetime.

Nathan has shot weddings worldwide and has been featured in Vogue, Town & Country, Billboard & More.