Nantucket Double Exposures - 2014

1st - 11th August 2014
Cavalier Galleries Nantucket, MA


Whilst studying for his degree in Photography and Media back in 2001, Nathan fell in love with Jeanloup Sieff’s work. Sieff's black and white nudes were ahead of their time, different, gorgeous, erotic and yet classically elegant. Nathan has countless coffee table books on Sieff, Helmut Newton and Peter Beard. All showcasing an amazing ability to see and capture the richness in the curves and shadows of the human form within a landscape.


Nathan dabbled around in black and white printing and loved it. The magic of the wash bin miraculously showing your hard work right there before your eyes. Had you done your homework? Did you compose it right? Did you dodge and burn the sky enough? That feeling of suspense and joy when it comes out right is what every film photographer falls in love with. That’s why Nathan bought a Hasselblad Medium Format Digital camera. It’s slow, meticulous and work is done in camera.


Nathan shot this series, Nantucket Double Exposures - 2014 with film in mind. He didn’t want to crop in order to keep as much resolution as possible and to keep the process as organic as possible. Nathan wanted to visualize the end image and shoot the two images needed to achieve that precisely.


Nathan was on his own personal vision and path while creating this series, inspired by his experience and love of photography. Creating images that illicit a reaction and a response from people, showcasing Nantucket in a new perspective.

Nantucket Double Exposure - 2014 by Nathan Coe first Showed at Cavalier Galleries, Nantucket in August 2014.